On the occasion of the international conference held at the Diet Members` Building in Tokyo commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Seishiro ETO, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Diet of Japan emphasized the importance of ascertaining the role of the United Nations and Japan in dealing with the global issues such as COVID-19, global warming, international peace and security, and sustainable development goals (SDGs).


In his opening remarks, Seishiro Eto, Chairman of the Japan Parliamentary Committee of the Diet of Japan for World Federation, acknowledged the importance of conducting this event during the corona pandemic. Mr. Eto said that the United Nations and Japan should do their utmost for a future in which sustainable human coexistence takes place, such as avoiding all wars and conflicts and pursuing the path to world solidarity.

Mr. Eto mentioned the 60th anniversary of Japan’s accession to the United Nations as another important date. On that day, the House of Councilors raised issues that transcended national frameworks, such as the development and spread of weapons of mass destruction and missile arcane techniques, refugee and poverty issues, an increase in disasters due to global warming, and the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. To resolve it, a resolution was made promising further contributions to international peacebuilding. Therefore, in honor of the United Nations’ contribution to the creation and maintenance of world peace since its inception, Japan has taken the lead in assisting in peaceful and mutual relief for humankind.

Based on the idea of ​​pursuing permanent peace in the Constitution of Japan, Mr. Eto promoted policies for the development of international law, disarmament diplomacy such as the abolition of nuclear weapons, and the pursuit of world security, while Japan should contribute to rebuilding international organizations. He said his goal was to continue to strengthen Japan`s resolve to play a leading role in the world through the United Nations. Mr. Eto noted that moving towards this goal is meaningful and reaffirmed his responsibility to be confident of a peaceful future. He expressed his intention to continue serving as Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Diet of Japan for World Federation in order to pursue this ideal for which the Parliamentary Committee had been established more than 70 years ago. 


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