Vice President of the European Parliament, Ms. Heidi Hautala the EU remained effective and efficient to face global challenges.


Vice President of the European Parliament, Ms. Heidi Hautala delivered the proceeding video message on the European Parliament’s view of the UN’s role in addressing global challenges. She noted that the UN anniversary celebrated not only the accomplishments it has had so far, but also a need for a strong UN as a whole considering it is an essential forum for peace, security, international law and respect for human rights. Thus, the EU remains effective and efficient for present, and global challenges. She stated, “we believe in continuing to provide support to the Secretary General, Gutierrez for the promotion of peace and security.” In fact, UN objectives across all UN bodies and agencies are of particular significance for an effective entity. Ms. Hautala noted that parliaments play a significant role especially in support of the UN expressing gratitude for members of the DIET to support the exchange of views at this governmental level. According to Ms. Hautala, “the parliamentary dialogue of the UN and support should be intensified and provide valuable synergies within the general assembly activities.” She also referenced the rejoining by the US of the Paris Agreement announced by President-elect Biden as a demonstration of how significant the UN platform continues to be in these larger conversations among states, international communities and citizens. Ms. Hautala concluded her remarks by affirming that the EU parliament will take the opportunity to emphasize multilateralism within the UN at its core by stating, “we look forward to continuing dialogue and being allies to multiculturalism.”

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