Inaugural Meeting

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Established May 15, 2019


Policy Recommendation


Japan’s Role in Global Governance In the Era of Covid-19


[世界連邦日本国会委員会・グローバルガバナンス推進委員会] 軍縮を担当してきた三人の外交官、阿部信泰、美根慶樹、小溝康義大使そして源田孝元空将補・防衛大学校教授が、日本が軍拡競争の再拡大を防止する上で主導的な役割を果たすことが緊急に必要であると指摘 (リポーター渡邉優紀)(18/09/2019)

In his opening remarks of the Global Governance Promotion Committee’s opinion exchange meeting held on September 18, 2019 at the Office Building of the Members of the House of Representatives, Mr. Masaharu Nakagawa, the Secretary-General of the World Federation of Japan’s Diet Committee and member of the House of Representatives, said he was looking for a proposal that could be pursued towards the realization of federalist ideals. He suggested the desire to further develop this Federation of Legislators as one of the mainstream options in Japan. For that purpose, he wished to harness the wisdom of top Japanese leaders and found the significance of holding consultation meetings. Climate change which is inducing the emergence of typhoons, crops damages with adverse impact on food security, changes in ocean currents, etc. must be assessed on a global scale, as well as disarmament and monetary policy that are today’s challenges He stressed the need to examine the respective issues from global perspectives. And disarmament which is the subject of today discussion, and monetary policy has to be considered for global implications. He expressed the view that the basics such as the current economic balance has collapsed. There are many urgent issues for humankind that the countries of the world must deal with in any way, but there is a sense of crisis regarding the politics running in the nationalistic direction in the countries of the world. The political parties that have advocated the middle of the road approach have lost in recent elections. In such a situation, he hoped that this Japan Commission of Global Governance would be successful so that information can be sent out from Japan with a view to the state of humankind in 20-30 years ahead. He said he would like to hear the opinions of the attendees reflecting not only their academic but also political perspectives.

世界連邦国会委員会の衛藤征士郎会長の下で所属議員がグローバルガバンナンス推進の意義を語る (06/07/2019)

(日本語) 元衆議院議長の自由民主党の伊吹文明は現実を忘れては生きていけないが、理想を忘れては生きている値打ちがないと示唆し、立憲民主党の福山哲郎幹事長は国益が過度に強調されていることに不安を覚えつつ、国際政治への関心が薄れる中、世界連邦が理想を掲げてきた歴史は大切であると述べた。国民民主党の玉木雄一郎代表が貧富の格差の拡大を阻止するためには世界連邦の理念・考え方が重要性であると述べ、公明党の井上義久元幹事長がグローバルガバナンスの必要性を痛切に感じていると指摘、共産党の笠井亮政策委員長が国連の SDGs 達成のため、国際連帯税なども真剣に議論すべき、柴山昌彦文部科学大臣は世界連邦で、政府、議員、それ以外のものも含めて、持続可能なガバナンスにむけ機運の醸成を求めた。社会民主党の福島瑞穂議員が国連改革や、G20 と安保理の関係、富の不平等是正や、SDGs 達成など、よりよい社会を作るためのグローバルガバナンス推進委員会が設立されたことを歓迎する。世界連邦国会委員会の事務局長の猪口邦子議員がグローバルガバナンス推進委員会で専門家の先生がたが、ポピュリズムの台頭とどう向き合うか、マルチラテラリズムの秩序とどうバランスをとるかの課題を討論することを歓迎する。詳細はこちら。(谷本真邦)